Calibration Services for Vehicles


Here at Tekcal, we provide professional calibration services for a wide range of sectors, many of which revolve around vehicles. Whether your business deals with cars, vans, trucks, cranes or any other kind of vehicle, we can visit your site to ensure that each one is precisely calibrated and operating at peak efficiency.

Car, van and truck dealers

The automotive industry is developing very quickly due to advancements in technology and onboard systems. From larger cars to modern and eco-friendly electric vehicles, it’s crucial that all electrical and mechanical components are calibrated to ensure top levels of safety and reliability.

Our calibration services cover all aspects of vehicle diagnostics, including all of your automotive tools and test equipment. Common examples are the calibration of torque wrenches, screwdrivers and multipliers, paint thickness gauges, axle stands, bottle jacks, tyre inflators and pressure gauges, micrometres, thermometers and brake bleeders, as well as many other types of equipment. Whatever you use for testing the capability of your vehicles, we’re here to calibrate it.

Crane operators

Heavy equipment such as cranes has to be calibrated at all times to ensure a safe construction site. Proof/load testing and inspection is particularly important, as any materials being moved by overhead lifting devices need to be within the capacity of the machinery. Issues arise when cables and stress points haven’t been calibrated by a specialist, which can result in the weakening of links and wider mechanical failure.

We provide calibration services for crane operators in the form of LOLER inspections, which test the equipment against the industry’s Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (1998). This involves our technicians checking that the equipment is properly installed, fit for purpose, marked correctly and being used by competent workers. The service covers all elements of your lifting equipment, including shackles, web slings, chains, hooks, lifting beams, hoists and so on, making it a comprehensive calibration service for crane operators across the UK.

Haulage companies

The transporting of goods from A to B is a fine-tuned process that needs to be fulfilled within tight deadlines, especially when supply chains are undergoing continual disruption. In order for your haulage company to operate smoothly, the calibration of vans, trucks, LGV and HGV vehicles is a top priority.

Aside from ensuring that your fleet of vehicles is safe and compliant, our calibration services also pinpoint any errors or inefficiencies that can affect your company’s lead times, safety record and profitability. When all of your vehicles are calibrated on a regular basis, you gain the peace of mind that you have everything you need to fulfil the requirements of your customers and maintain that competitive edge. No matter what the type, size, quantity and location of your haulage vehicles, the specialists at Tekcal are available to visit your sites and deliver the highest standard of calibration services in a fast, effective and affordable way.


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