The Benefits of Professional Calibration Services

The Benefits of Professional Calibration Services

Here at Tekcal, our mission is to enable your business to remain competitive, compliant and in control of your operations through professional calibration services. We work with a huge variety of sectors around the UK, including construction, pharmaceuticals, food processing, manufacturing, renewable energy, logistics, aviation, petrochemicals and healthcare, to name just a few.

Through the highest standard of calibration, we can help you to keep your equipment and instruments fully operational thanks to unparalleled precision and reliability. Our mobile calibration laboratories can visit your site to deliver expert calibration whenever you need it, which will bring a wide range of benefits to your business or organisation.

Calibration ensures precise measurements

First things first, calibration is required regularly in order for your equipment to do its job to full effect. Whatever it is that you need to measure, you can be certain that the readings are correct when the device has been inspected, tested and realigned by a calibration expert.

Health and safety is increased with calibration

Health and safety is highly dependent on figures, many of which are attained through specialist measuring equipment. Examples include maintaining optimal levels of temperature, humidity, weight and pressure in order for machinery to function properly and remain safe for the user. The same goes for production, as incorrect measurements can result in a product being unfit for purpose and potentially dangerous when distributed into the wider supply chain.

Maintaining compliance through calibration

Many sectors rely on precise calibration in order for their processes to remain compliant with government and industry-specific regulations. From the chemical makeup of a pharmaceutical product and the accuracy of pressure gauges to the temperature of a laboratory and the level of carbon emissions produced by a factory, there are countless factors that can make or break a business.

When you invest in professional calibration on a regular basis, you gain the peace of mind that your equipment, tools, plant machinery and vehicles are operating the way they should. As a result, you can demonstrate to auditors, inspectors, government departments and regulatory bodies that your organisation is fully compliant and in control of product quality, service delivery, workplace safety and its environmental impact.

Increase profitability with calibration

Calibration also helps your bottom line, as precise measurements mean a higher quality of service delivery, minimal wastage and the prevention of errors. This can lead to your business having the opportunity to cut costs and increase revenue, which lead to a more profitable business.

·         Calibration helps manufacturers and service providers to maximise the quality of products and services, resulting in greater user loyalty and a stronger brand image.

·         The reduction of production errors and product recalls thanks to calibrated machinery ensures smooth operations on a daily basis.

·         Calibration can significantly extend the life of your equipment.

·         False acceptance of products becomes a thing of the past when your devices are properly calibrated at all times.


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