VAS 6356 Diagnostic & Hybrid Calibration


VAS 6356 Diagnostic and Hybrid Equipment onsite Calibration

Tekcal is one of the few companies in the UK approved by the VAG Group (Volkswagen Group) to carry out complete calibration services of VAS test equipment. Ensure quality and safety by adhering to your HSO audit and having your equipment operating at maximum accuracy. 


Our VAG Group experience consists of Audi, Bentley, Ducati, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen, Scania, MANN, industry leaders in the automotive industry for quality vehicles. 


What is Diagnostic and Hybrid Equipment?

Hybrid and diagnostic equipment require regular calibration to ensure optimum performance and accuracy. Tekcal offers a comprehensive calibration and testing service for all your VAS 6356 Diagnostic and Hybrid Equipment. Our experts are specially trained in the calibration of your diagnostic equipment.


Benefits of VAS Diagnostic and Hybrid Equipment Calibration with Tekcal

  • A fleet of temperature-controlled mobile calibration laboratories

  • Comprehensive onsite calibration services

  • Asset management system to keep track of your calibration needs

  • VAG Group Standards fully traceable certifications

  • One of the few calibration companies in the UK to be approved by the VAG group to carry out services on VAS equipment

  • Certificates are available through our online portal


VAS 6356 Diagnostic and Hybrid Equipment Calibrated with Tekcal

Tekcal offers premium calibration and testing services for all VAS 6356 Diagnostic and Hybrid Equipment. As one of the few approved Hybrid Diagnostic Equipment calibrators in the UK, we can guarantee quality. In addition, thanks to our fleet of mobile calibration vehicles, we can deliver calibration services to business sites across England and Scotland. Meaning you can get results faster and easier without losing out on time for travelling to a testing facility. 


With decades of experience, our trained calibration experts offer a reliable, affordable service Hundreds of businesses throughout the UK benefit from our streamlined service and mobile testing facilities. Customers are never left without a solution. Our trained professionals can provide calibration services for electrical tools, VAS equipment and small tools and test equipment. 


You can now keep track of your certificates with our online portal. All certificates are fully traceable to VAG Group Standards and are issued within 24 hours of your calibration visit. Our mobile service offers speed and accuracy to allow your business to run at full capacity. 


You can take advantage of our asset management system, which will notify you whenever your equipment is due for recalibration. Tekcal will also contact you directly by email or phone to arrange your onsite visit. This system helps to keep the admin to a minimum for your team. 


We are an East Yorkshire based company that travels nationwide to deliver mobile calibration solutions to busy businesses and industries. To book our calibration service or find out more, you can email us at or call us at +44 (0) 1482 242 123.

VAS 6356 Diagnostic and Hybrid Equipment you can Calibrate with Tekcal

It is essential to have your equipment operating at peak accuracy to ensure the quality of service Tekcal is an approved service provider to the VAG Group. The calibration process uses the AVL VAS 5143 test unit for all your VAS 6356 diagnostic VAS hybrid & high voltage equipment:

  • VAS 6356 Test Instrument Test Box

  • VAS 6558A Hybrid High Voltage Test Module

  • VAS 6558/1-1 HV Measuring Adaptor

  • VAS 6558/9-6 HV Measuring Adaptor

  • VAS 6558/9-7 HV Measuring Adaptor

  • VAS 6558A/30 HV Test Adaptor

  • VAS 5051A/B Diagnosis System

  • VAS 1767 Ignition Tester

  • VAS 6227 Gas Leak Detector

  • HILTI PD40 Laser Range Finders



Tekcal specialise in on Site Calibration, LOLER, CP7 and Hydraulic Load testing through our fleet of Mobile Calibration laboratories. We will visit your site and will calibrate/test your equipment as required.

Operating throughout the UK

Tekcals Mobile Calibration and Testing team operates throughout the whole UK and consist of highly trained and qualified technicians and engineers with a vast amount of knowledge and experience.

VAG Approved

As an approved supplier to VAG group(Audi, Bentley, Ducati, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen) Tekcal are one of the few companies in UK authorised to carry out calibrations of VAS Diagnostic & Hybrid equipment.